Facebook Newsfeed Update: Posts Get More Timely

FacebookNewsfeedUpdate-StoriesGetMoreTimelyFacebook has updated its newsfeed again. But this time, it’s looking at posts in your newsfeed in a different way. Most of Facebook’s newsfeed updates revolve around what type of content shows up there. This time, however, Facebook is focusing on the timing of that content. Here’s an example. Let’s say that one of your friends graduates. They post their obligatory parent/graduate picture. It gets a ton of likes, comments, and shares within the first couple of hours. It might continue to get more engagement throughout the day and into the next. Sometimes, the engagement goes a little further, but not much. This particular post was very popular in and shortly after that moment, but not really later on. In other words, the timeliness of user’s behavior is starting to factor into how often and when Facebook shows posts in your newsfeed.

Trending Topics and What This Could Mean For Your Business

This “trending topics” update could also be good for businesses as well. Though I am (mostly) against “newsjacking”, that’s when a person or a business reports or comments on a story that has already broken, for the sake of putting out content, it has proven to generate traffic (and sometimes leads) if it’s related to your business. What could this change mean for your business on Facebook, though? If you post about something that is getting a lot of engagement right now, you could give your Facebook Page a temporary “boost”. This could be good news for those that are looking to increase the reach of their Facebook Page.

Don’t Screw it Up!

Okay, marketers, I know we all like shiny new things. We love to hear about the latest ways we can squeeze just a little bit more out of something than we could before. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Just remember that this is not meant to be used all the time. You may get more eyeballs on your content, but it might not be the right eyeballs. Your goal isn’t to always increase the Reach of your Facebook Page, but to always increase the engagement of those people who really care about your business.

Tweet This: You may get more eyeballs on your content, but it might not be the right eyeballs

As a marketer you have the power to connect people with your brand in ways they wouldn’t have before. Use your power responsibly, and you’ll be more effective at your job.

Here’s How I Would Use It

First of all, this blog post is about a trending topic. So it’s likely to get more views because it’s about a recent news story. It’s also about a Facebook newsfeed change, which tends to throw marketers and social media managers into a frenzy. However, it is also very much apart of my brand and my target audience. Since I’m trying to reach marketers and social media managers with my content, it’s likely to be seen by those people. Remember this rule when you’re using this tactic on your own Facebook Page.