Want to Know How Often You Should Post to Facebook?


So you want to know how often to post to your Facebook Page… So, does everyone else.
In fact, this is the number one question I get asked about business Facebook Pages.

Before we dig into the answer (and why it’s not so cut and dried) let’s look at why this is such a big question.

Why the Heck Does it Matter How Many Times I Post Per Day on my business Facebook Page?!

Did you know the number of times you post per day could be limiting the number of people who see those posts? It’s true.

The reason?

Facebook is ruled by this super-complicated algorithm. Now, no one really knows (except for the people at Facebook) how exactly this algorithm works. But we do know a few things. We know that Facebook calculates the importance, popularity, share-ability, spaminess, etc. of each post that is published. These numbers get modified the longer a post lives.

Now for each of these posts, there’s also another calculation going on. That calculation is based on each user’s preferences. It is highly based on whether a person has liked your page or whether their friend has. Whether they have interacted with any of your content and how often, or the same for their friends. It also depends on how many Facebook Pages they’ve liked, how many friends they have, what else they’ve interacted with in their news feed, how often they interact with the people and/or pages who posted those other stories, and a ton of other factors.

This other calculation is the most important, because it determines which posts show up in a person’s news feed.

As you can see, it gets very complicated very fast.

So what does this have to do with how many times you should be posting to Facebook?

The number of times you post per day is also included in that other calculation.

If you post too little, your posts will eventually be shown less. So, you’d think the opposite would cause your posts to show up more, right? Unfortunately, that is not always true. In fact, you can post too much to Facebook, sending them the signal that you’re “spamming” your followers even if that was never your intention.

So how often should you be posting to your business Facebook Page?

A Case Study: How Often Should You Post to Your Facebook Page?

Ready for a definitive answer? A real solid number you can point to and say “I did that, now what are my results?”. I thought so.

Buffer, an amazing social media scheduling app, has put together some research and a great blog post on how often you should post to social media.

There’s even a great infographic from SumAll (shown below) that lays it out for you.

How Often to Post to Social Media

Infographic via: https://blog.bufferapp.com/how-often-post-social-media

Remember, Your Number May be Different

Now, this isn’t a truly definitive answer. The number of times you should post to get the maximum amount of interaction (what’s called the “sweet spot”) may be different than the number above.

What this is, however, is a starting place. Give it a try, you’ll never know if it works for you unless you do.

Consistency in Social Media is Queen

This week’s social media tip… be consistent.


If content is king, consistency is queen. Consistently posting to your social media accounts is incredibly important for several reasons.

  1.  It trains your audience that you always have something to say, so they come back for more.
  2. It helps keep your engagement steady during those times that you’re not heavily promoting something.
  3. It gets you in the habit of publishing content, which may be the best reason of all.

But what does consistency look like? It’s not just about posting a certain number of times a day. Though this is important.  Consistent content is also about what you post. Remember that your brand voice is important. If you’re going to post something make sure it aligns with what people expect you to say.

Here’s 3 Rules for Posting Consistency

1. Pay Attention to Voice

Your voice matters. I can’t say that enough. Your audience doesn’t just recognize you from your profile photo online, they recognize you from your voice. If you suddenly switch up your voice, your followers may not recognize that it’s you. In extreme cases, they may even take offense to something you say or get confused. Remember the goal of social media is to get followers and keep them engaged. Voice is particularly important to this goal. Without it, people won’t have something to identify with. That connection with your followers is one of the real powers of social media. It’s part of what gets businesses the results they do on this marketing medium.

2. Post roughly the same number of times per day.

There’s a rule that most of us in the industry follow. That’s to pick the number of times you’re going to post each day and stick with it. Again the reason this is important is largely based on what your followers have come to expect from you. If you start posting more often or less often, you might see unfavorable results. The one place you can see this rule in action is on Facebook. It is here that you might see people unlike you or (even worse) hide your posts if you suddenly start spamming them. It is also here that you will start to see less engagement than you did before if you are posting less. The same is true for other platforms, but Facebook is the biggest offender when it comes to violating this rule.

That’s not to say that you can’t experiment with the number of times you post. Experimenting can actually be very important to figuring out what gives you the most engagement. If you’re going to experiment, though, do it slowly. Increase or decrease your posting by 1 post at a time and keep at that for a while. This will give you the best data on whether something works or not.

3. Post Around the Same Time Each Day.

This is another industry rule that works for a lot of different businesses. Posting at about the same time every day is another way that people can expect to read your content. It’s also important when you’re first starting out to establish a “baseline” that you can experiment against later. If you’ve been posting at the same time for the last couple of months, but feel you could get better results by changing it up, then you already have some data to compare it to. Just remember to keep any experimenting to a minimum.


Remember also, the time you post depends on your audience. For some businesses, posting just after people get off work gives them the best results. For others, it could be later in the evening. Again, posting at the same time each day will help you determine whether it’s the right time for you to be posting.
If you remember and practice these three keys to consistency, your results should also become more consistent. Which, is a good thing. 🙂

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Pinterest Will Sell Your Products for Free?!

 selling on pinterest

So, I, as usual, was looking through my email before I went to bed. A bad habit, I know. It usually keeps me up long past when I wanted to go to bed. Especially if there’s a good newsletter or blog post in there. I usually take a look at my non-important stuff at this time, trying to decide if it’s worth my time or not. I saw an email from Pinterest and almost passed it up. I really don’t need another email on the 10 best DIY projects for this fall. But then I saw the subject line: “Your pins price has dropped!”. Hmm…not a DIY project email, after all. So, I clicked on it and lo-and-behold, I saw this.


Until I got this email, I had complete forgotten about this business feature of Pinterest! To be fair, it’s not something that they toot their horn about. Although, in my opinion, they should. I think more businesses might jump on the Pinterest bandwagon if they knew that Pinterest would sell their product for them.

This beauty of an email was informing me that a book I had pinned was now cheaper. I already bought this book, so why is this important? Because your business could benefit from this, too!

How To Get Prices On Your Pins

A while back, Pinterest launched a feature which you could integrate into your website called “Rich Pins“. You install a line of code onto your website that will  add price, size, color, product description, or other data to product pins that come from your website. Basically, it gives the user the information needed to make the purchase decision. One less hurdle to the buying-decision means that the sell is easier to make. Check out this link to see the steps involved in adding it to your website.
You’ll need someone knowledgeable to help you install the code and integrate it with whatever tags you have setup. Or get them setup, if they’re not already. Then the last step is to test and apply for your data to show up on Pinterest. It can take a couple of weeks to hear back. Once you do, though, people pinning from your site will now see the price and other data on their pins. And, more importantly, so will their friends!

How Can You Use The “Price Dropped On Pin” Feature?

Once you’ve got the code installed and integrated it with your extra tags, all you need to do is setup a “sale”. A lot of ecommerce platforms and plugins let you do this easily. My favorite, for WordPress, is WooCommerce. It’s free, and fairly easy to use. Once you do that, Pinterest will see the data and send out an email notification to anyone who has pinned the product with it’s original price information. It’s as simple as that!
For those of you thinking about the holidays, think about what this could do for an online sales.

Need Help?

Let me know if you need help getting the code installed on your site and applying for your rich pin data. In most cases it takes a couple of hours to add the code, test, and start the application process. Each install will be custom (since I don’t know how your website is set up ahead of time). So, every project will get a customized quote. If you’re interested, fill out the form below with your information and I’ll get back to you.

Pinterest Rich Pin Setup

  • Phone number with area code.
  • Optional. If you give me your website address ahead of time, I can check it out before and have a quote ready for you. 🙂

20 Ways You Can Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page

Think it’s hard to get more Facebook Likes? Try out these twenty tactics to get more likes on your Facebook Page for life.

  1. Add a “Like” button to your website.
  2. Put your Facebook Page link on your business card.
  3. Put a QR code (pointing to your Facebook Page) on any printed advertisement.
  4. Interact with another page on Facebook (while logged into your Page).
  5. Post more content on your Facebook Page.
  6. Embed a Facebook post on your blog or website.
  7. Put a “follow” button at the top of every website page.
  8. Put a “follow” button at the bottom of every blog post.
  9. Add a Facebook share button to every blog post and website page.
  10. Share your Facebook Page content to your personal Facebook profile.
  11. Add your Facebook Page link to your invoices (especially if you send them by email).
  12. Add a paragraph about what fans will get if they like your Page (i.e. coupons, free tips, updates on new products or services) to the about section.
  13. Write a post that’s controversial.
  14. Use Facebook ads to get more Likes to your Page.
  15. Add a “follow” button to your marketing emails.
  16. Add a link to your Facebook Page to the signature of your emails.
  17. Share your Facebook link on your other social media sites.
  18. Promote or “boost” a post from your Facebook Page. Bonus points if you promote a post that got a lot of engagement.
  19. Add a “Like” box to your website or blog.
  20. Promote a Facebook post that did well, by linking to it on your other social media networks.