Website Development

You like our widgets?

You want one?

Websites are great tools, and they can do a lot for your business. But sometimes they need help. That’s where widgets come in.

Sure, a static page of product images will show your customers everything you have to offer, just like laying out all of your products on shelves would do. But, suppose you’re having a sale on a certain product. You wouldn’t just leave it on the shelves with everything else would you? No, you want it front and center so that all of your customers will see it when they walk in.

A photo slider widget can do the same thing on your website.

Tired of having to take orders by email? A sales page that interfaces with your credit card processor can not only simplify your life, but it’ll make it easier for your customer to buy, too.

You wouldn’t believe the incredible things we can do with code. If your website needs a little something extra, give us a call at 417-763-3736, or email us at cassie@team-3-media.com for a free consultation.