Website Copywriting

In 50 milliseconds , you may have caught their attention, but you’re still not out of the woods.

Salespeople working a sales floor have it easy. The good ones can look right into a customer’s eyes and close a deal with nothing but the emotion in their voice. As an online business, you don’t have that advantage.

You make the sale through the words on your website, which is why it’s vital that those words be the best they can be. Mediocre web copy won’t convince people to buy, but great copy can make the difference between making a sale being passed over.

Our copywriting team will bring your copy to the pinnacle of salesmanship. We write with power, and we write with conviction. Let us work your sales floor, and you’ll see the difference. Give us a call at 417-763-3736 or email us at cassie@team-3-media.com for a free consultation.