Video Blogging

How much does it cost to make a commercial? Beyond that, how much does it cost to air it on local television? What if you could make a series of engaging advertisements for your business and put them in front of a world-wide audience, for a fraction of the cost?

You already know what a blog  can do for your business, and you may already be taking advantage of it. But now you’re ready for more. You don’t just want your customer to read about your expertise. You want her to see it. You want to look right into her eyes and tell her something that she can take to the bank.

You want a video blog.

High-quality video equipment has never been more readily available, or more optimized for the web. And with sites like YouTube and Vimeo making it easy to access and share videos, building an effective vlog has never been easier.

Video is powerful. Google knows it. Videos rank higher in search results than text. They believe so much in the power of video that they bought YouTube.

But if blogging is difficult, vlogging is twice as hard. That’s why we’re to help. We’ll assist you with everything from setting up the shoot (at a location of your choice) to writing the script. Then we’ll bring it back to our HQ and edit out the kinks until it’s a shining example of your awesomeness.

If you’re ready to add the power of video to your marketing arsenal without breaking the budget, give us a call at 417-763-3736, or email us at cassie@team-3-media.com for a free consultation.