Social Media Start-Up Packages

Let’s face it, a brand without a social media presence might as well be operating on a deserted island. The days when you could get by on ads in your local paper and the occasional circular in the mail are long gone.

Word of mouth has always been the most effective form of advertising. That hasn’t changed. But the cafes and coffee shops where your clients used to talk about your business have moved online. Those all-important conversations now happen on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest.

If you’re not there, you’re missing out.

But there’s good news! Cassie, our social media expert, has been helping businesses grow through social media since before Pinterest was even a thing. She knows how to create a conversation with stunning profiles, unique design elements, and effective use of content. Even more importantly, she’ll teach you how to do it yourself.

With Cassie’s training, you won’t have to pay to run expensive ads or circulars.  You’ll be able to reach out directly to your client base, engage your customers, and make sales – without spending a dime.

We’ll set up as few or as many social media accounts as you want, and teach you how to use each of them to grow your business, and save money in the process. Give us a call for a free consultation and see what Team 3 can do for you. The number is 417-763-3736. Or you can email Cassie directly at cassie@team-3-media.com.

Have Time Now?

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