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Romantic Dinner
A romantic dinner setting render in a realistic style.
Software: Lightwave; Photoshop.
Date: February 2009





Augusta A109k Rescue
Description: 3D modeling and texturing of Augusta A109k Rescue Helicopter composited on top of a photograph
Software: Lightwave; Photoshop
Date: April 2009



Description: Modeling example of a hand sanitizer bottle.
Software: Lightwave
Date: January 2009




Composite Door
Description: Realistic model of a door composited into a photograph.
Software: Lightwave, Photoshop
Date: August 2012


Description:  Realistic model of a hinge with UV map.
Software: Lightwave, Photoshop
Date: July 2012


A rude little robot with a bad need to pee learns a lesson in manners.
Software: Lightwave
Date: September 2009
Personal Workload: Solo Project (character model from 3d World Magazine)
Run Time: Clip (0:14) : Original Full (0:40)

Amuse Bouche
Description: Group concept, meant to give just a taste of the larger project idea.
Software: Lightwave; After Effects; Photoshop
Date: May 2011
Personal Workload: Character Modeling and Animation
Environment: Anthony Clawson
Run Time: Clip (0:14) : Original Full (1:08)

Explosions Frozen Forever
Description: Large group collaboration to create a full length cartoon pilot episode.
Three quirky aliens, who are bored in space, are drawn into trouble when they respond to a distress call from two stranded humans.
Software: Lightwave; Maya; After Effects; Photoshop
Date: Fall 2011-Spring 2012
Personal Workload: Character Modeling and Animation; Art Design; Producer; Editing; Compositing; Cinematography
Environment: Anthony Clawson
Sound Design: Tim Roark
Run Time: Clip (0:49) : Original Full (14:42)
Link to the Full Version: