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Pinterest Will Sell Your Products for Free?!

selling on pinterest

  So, I, as usual, was looking through my email before I went to bed. A bad habit, I know. It usually keeps me up long past when I wanted to go to bed. Especially if there’s a good newsletter or blog post in there. I usually take a look at my non-important stuff at […]

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Facebook Newsfeed Update: Posts Get More Timely

Facebook has updated its newsfeed again. But this time, it’s looking at posts in your newsfeed in a different way. Most of Facebook’s newsfeed updates revolve around what type of content shows up there. This time, however, Facebook is focusing on the timing of that content. Here’s an example. Let’s say that one of your friends graduates. They […]

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20 Ways You Can Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page

Think it’s hard to get more Facebook Likes? Try out these twenty tactics to get more likes on your Facebook Page for life. Add a “Like” button to your website. Put your Facebook Page link on your business card. Put a QR code (pointing to your Facebook Page) on any printed advertisement. Interact with another page […]

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Why Voice is So Important in Your Social Media Plan

Your voice matters. I can’t say that enough. In fact, let me say it again. Your. Voice. Matters. When you separate out the words like that, it not only looks more important, it sounds different. There’s a reason for this. Each word means something all by itself. Let’s tackle them one by one to get […]

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20 Questions You Must Answer to Make your Next Facebook Contest a Success!

Contests are one of those marketing endeavors that can take a lot of work. There are several details that you need to get sorted out before you can even launch your contest! I’ve found that the easiest way to get all these details sorted out is to form them into questions, and then answer them. […]

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Team 3 Media’s New Direction

Recently, I’ve been struggling with my business and making it grow. The problems I was having stem mostly from the model of business I had. I was basically one woman trying to act as an agency who managed the online marketing for my clients. Obviously, this was not working well. Not only was it unmanageable […]

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1 Quick Tip to Boost Your Facebook Page Visiblity

There are a few things you need to do: start promoting your Facebook Page and posting to your Facebook Page. But before you do that, you need to make sure it’s setup correctly. One of the areas that I see a lot of businesses missing in the Facebook Page setup process is setting up their […]

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Optimize Your Facebook Business Page Description: An Excerpt from “31 Days to An Awesome Facebook Page”

Some of you may know that I am working on a book “31 Days to An Awesome Facebook Page”. I’ve been making progress, although it’s been slow. Last week I completely rewrote a page of the book because of an email conversation I was having. I won’t show you the old version, since I think […]

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Tips To Design Your Facebook Call To Action Cover Photo

Facebook Cover Photo

Update: Facebook has done away with the 20% text rule for Cover Photos. You do still have to be careful if you’re running ads in the newsfeed though. If you are, then you’ll still want to be within the 20% text rule, as it might still apply.   Facebook has once again made a change […]

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New Site Launched–

This weekend I helped a local internet service provider launch their new site. They had some initial work done on the website with someone else, but had not launched it yet. Their laundry list of website updates that needed to be finished was pretty long, but not hard to do. Mostly, it was just adding […]

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